[HELP] SA Keeps crashing in loading process!

it has been running correctly 1 month.
i installed this mod:
and now it crashes when i load GTA:SA, MTA, SAMP...

Firma con problemas:
 Nombre del evento de problema:	APPCRASH
 Nombre de la aplicaciуn:	gta_sa.exe
 Versiуn de la aplicaciуn:
 Marca de tiempo de la aplicaciуn:	4270f18a
 Nombre del mуdulo con errores:	gta_sa.exe
 Versiуn del mуdulo con errores:
 Marca de tiempo del mуdulo con errores:	4270f18a
 Cуdigo de excepciуn:	c0000005
 Desplazamiento de excepciуn:	00134134
 Versiуn del sistema operativo:	6.0.6001.
 Id. de configuraciуn regional:	10250
 Informaciуn adicional 1:	e1d2
 Informaciуn adicional 2:	5652a697a945fe80fbb442ff60899f10
 Informaciуn adicional 3:	39d9
 Informaciуn adicional 4:	eb0403539b4bfd405b75929a52bb2cd1

I UNINSTALLED s 0 beit and now it shows this:
Exception At Address: 0x00534134

EAX: 0x00000000 EBX: 0x000000A2 ECX: 0x00AB4E94 EDX: 0x05620020
ESI: 0x05620020 EDI: 0x00000000 EBP: 0x008E2CB0 ESP: 0x0022FCBC
EFLAGS: 0x00010206

+0000: 0x05620020 0x00000000 0x05622358 0x00000000
+0010: 0x008E2CB0 0x00824259 0x016A0000 0x5F6E414C
+0020: 0x65727473 0xFF006D61 0x00000288 0x00000063
+0030: 0x09ADE120 0x0022FCE0 0x00533032 0x0022FD00
+0040: 0x05620020 0x00888048 0xFFFFFFFF 0x0082425E
+0050: 0x0082427B 0x00563257 0x00000000 0x005B534D
+0060: 0x05620020 0x00000000 0x05622358 0x005B8A84
+0070: 0x00000000 0x0022FD70 0x00000000 0x00BCC368
+0080: 0x008E2C90 0x00B71848 0x016AFA68 0x00000001
+0090: 0x0572AD60 0x005B92CC 0x0022FD70 0x0022FD70
+00A0: 0x00000001 0x00863B10 0x76A47C90 0x00000000
+00B0: 0x008E2C90 0x41544144 0x50414D5C 0x414C5C53
+00C0: 0x6E414C5C 0x4C50492E 0x00820000 0x0082427B
+00D0: 0x00001800 0x008242A6 0x00001800 0x00000000
+00E0: 0x008211F7 0x00001800 0x49742400 0x005B3206
+00F0: 0x00001800 0x0053BCA0 0x00863B10 0x00863A90
+0100: 0x00863B10 0x0000000A 0x0053E593 0x00863B10
+0110: 0x00748D50 0x7714BB4D 0x00000000 0x0022FF88
+0120: 0x7FFDF000 0x016A0000 0x00000008 0x016A10E8
+0130: 0x00000008 0x00000100 0x00000008 0x00000102

SCM Op: 0x0, lDbg: 0

Game Version: EU 1.0

Replace your gta3.img with the original clean version of the gta3.img if you don't have the files then you simply have to reinstall the whole GTA SA.

First time i had this crash i patched my gta and then worked byt second time i had to re-install gta

If it shows the crash report before loading the game, then you have to create another account on your computer, or you could also try to re-install GTA:SA again, but this time remember to delete all of the existing folders eg. Rockstar Games and GTA San Andreas user files.

Reinstall gta img

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