[GameMode] Spectre's Hidden Interiors Tour Script

Wanna have a unique selection screen for your script? How about a home base for your Clan?

They're both here (and more) in my Hidden Interiors Tour script...

THIS IS NOT A GAME SCRIPT! It's a TOOL for viewing ALL of the Interiors.

Some Interiors available from the 'real' world are NOT included (Casino's, Safe Houses, Changing rooms, etc...You can just walk into those!).

However, some are (Fast Food places, Ammunations, etc...). I put these in because they have numerous variations.

There are some Interiors that are only seen in cut-scenes or available during certain missions.

And there are some I'm sure you never even saw (or don't remember) from playing the original game.

I've added some places I found especially interesting or thought you would find so.

I've also expanded on some places to save you the time of wandering around yourself.

There are also some places in the 'real' world that were included just for continuity purposes.

Basically, I just wanted to make this fun and informative...Where possible I've included information about/from the game you might not have been aware of...

V1 - Original
V2 - More places
V3 - Even more places

EDIT: 22 SEP 09
And for those of you bitching about missing pwn files lemme say this...This is and has been an ongoing project for years now...If you haven't figured it out I'VE JUST BEEN ADDING NEW LOCATIONS TO THE ORIGINAL .PWN...Since I keep adding stuff to it the .pwns I have don't match the zipped files...DOWNLOAD THE ORIGINAL zip and you'll see what I mean...All of the information you need in the updated versions is already given to you when you visit a location...Could it be any simpler?

P.S. Don't PM me asking how to unzip it, install it or get it working...If you can't figure that much out by yourself this won't be of much use to you...

P.P.S. YES...LIBERTY CITY IS INCLUDED! (It's really boring actually unless you like REALLY long skydives!)


luv it bro nice job

This is awsome work man, simply awsome. I enjoyed that alot, very helpfull and informative man.



PS. Crazy artwork and the room you chose to start in I had never seen ever but I'm sure there are more I have not seen also and it will be fun finding them out.

Nice one, I like it. Perfect for the scripters around here. (I will even steal some of your stadium interiors )



Thanx...Since yours was the first response (and it was positive) it holds a special place for me...


I see you've been to Fanny Batter's! What a hot tub, huh? Also, you have distinguished yourself as a gamer of high moral rectitude since, not recognising MY selection screen, you've apparently not bothered to load the "Hot Coffee" mod which caused all that ruckus in the first place (and actually, all it was was another inane and boring "dance game/lowrider hop" which detracted from the real game)...It's also apparent you actually READ the accompanying text file...Therefore you (at least) know the "secret" commands!


You're not stealing anything...EVERYONE is more than welcome to use these for their selection screens because I'M tired of seeing the same old shit over and over again...

To all you guys, thanx again...I have a feeling this is gonna be pretty popular (just because of it's diversity) once the word gets out...You guys are ahead of the curve!

Good Scripting to you all...

HINT: Some of the Burglary houses are hilarious! No bathrooms, doors that go nowhere, windows that look out into garages, alpha channels that are waaayy screwed up (I'm colourblind and even I could tell!)


well.. some of the rooms have the worst furniture with no texture and some have "Black" furniture (ALL BLACK)
i went to every single interior u got up there...
i love the LC Cafe (i think it is LC Cafe) i'm gona use it for a mini mission script

and i can help u find new interiors too if u want to make a V2

Wow, Spectre. Looks like you put in alot of time for this, as in finding the name and coords of everything and make the commands! Great job man, will be helpful ot everyone around here and I agree that too many selection screens are being overused. I looked through alot of it except the robbery interiors, I will go explore more soon :P Great job again, helps out alot! And I added a few cars to the modshops btw so I can test what it would do, it just seems to reset your camera to your bumper :/ I thought it would put you in the modshop :P Oh well, still fun and all


Remember, This is NOT a game script... It's just a locator reference...ANYTHING involving Mod Shops are dicey...You shouldn't be in one except in a car and even then it's dicey...The main game script has specific uses for them and they are mostly either automatic (paint shops) or another entirely different game aspect (Mod Shops)... The Devs understand this also and so should everybody else! I just tried to provide a "safe" visual reference for selection screens...

P.S. Remember what happens when you drive into a paint-n-spray normally? Camera locks onto your ass and closes the door...That's what the Devs are working with and, to be honest, I just don't have the time for decoding the main script anymore...The current guys are doing a great job...

Kfgus3 (my special guy),

I've talked with numerous coders/analysts/gamers on this specific entry:
The Silver Diner (/EAT3) in my script

If you find ANY solid place to land I'd be forever indebted...NO ONE HAS EVER DONE SO...
Talk about fame, fortune and an indelible place in SAMP history!

And just generally, remember, (like in the previous games) if R* just used it as a backdrop (like Liberty City or the SF Airport) they didn't bother to include COLLISION data so there was nothing to lock onto...

Cheers and thanx for the positive responses...Go find more stuff...That's why I made it!


Great work, I hope to see some new and interesting character selection screens coming out of this
Also the racing tracks just make me hope so much you can have vehicles inside interiors next version


The Silver Diner (/EAT3) in my script

If you find ANY solid place to land I'd be forever indebted...NO ONE HAS EVER DONE SO...

I'm not sure how the selection screen is coded but maybe try using TogglePlayerControllable() to keep the player from falling for a character selection screen (if that's what you want that location for anyway, if not nevermind).

I tried expanding the /? command to save player selection code to a file that people could just copy and paste into their modes but my math's isnt too good (working out co-ords depending on where the player is facing). Maybe some scripter good at maths could help.


Nah, that's not how the "player controllable" works when there's nothing to land on...

And, yes (tentatively) I've heard the Dev team is working on synching the vehicles to the Interiors..

P.S. I've loaded some vehicles into the Interiors and driven them around the tracks...Mind you, both you and the vehicles are invisible but it was still a neat experience (just don't fall off or you can never find it again --- unless you look for shadows! ---)

I even made a race script (checkpoints included) for racing in an Interior just as a test but it's no fun whatsoever...You can't see anybody, they can't see you, nobody can see their vehicle, you, or themselves...The only way anybody knew we were racing was by reading the text output counting which checkpoints we'd gone through! And from watching the text output everybody crashed, and lost their vehicles and couldn't find them again!

P.P.S. Don't fuck with my /? command...You want something to write your location to a file, use debug (but that don't work with Interiors, do it?) I did it purposely that way so people would have to get involved (rather than cut-n-paste) and then later bitch ("It doesn't work!")...It's called surruptitious training...People learn things whether they want to or not...


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