Bug that i cannot unterstand

In my rp server some times when i left from the server and im login in again or im closed the server and open it again and login all my char stats going to 0 the stats from onplayerconnect
someone know wth is the problem i checked everything i cannot understand it

How are you saving it? Can you post some of the code that saves your stats.

Like the all rp servers not in MYSQL
it's saving to the files

format(string2, sizeof(string2), "users/%s.ini", playername2);
new File: UserFile = fopen(string2, io_read);

It's allways saving prefect but sometimes i dont know why it's calibrate all the saving stats to 0

Find saving timer or it does it on disconnect?

I checked the savingtimer and onplayerdisconnect it's not from there...

You should run a server if you can't even figure why your stat's ain't saving in your own script, most likely (LA-RP) .

It's LA Edit..........

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