[HELP] Admin House Help!

Hey Guys. I created an Admin House on MTA SA but can someone tell me how to get it on my server? Please tell me below step - by - step! Thanks Guys!

1. Go in your MTA ==> Server ==> Mods ==> Deathmach ==> Resources ==> Click on you MTA project [The Name of it] ==> Name.map
2. Open it and copy the content.
3. Go on http://convertffs.com/objects/ and choose MTA Race or What MTA do you have and in second box put SA-MP Create Object .. [If you have a streamer choose one of the list].
4. Press Cotinue .. Put you CODE from your .map file and press Convert My Objects.
5. Now you copy the shown code and put in you GameMode at OnGameModeInit.
6. Compile It and Start the server.
7. Have Fun !

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