Carshop [Solved]

I want to make a car shop, so if i do /buy in the propperty i will get a diolog with certain cars.
And if you are outside the car shop i want to let it show a message: You are not in a Carshop.

This is what i have:
new carshop;

public OnGameModeInit() {
  carshop = GangZoneCreate(-2000,689, 262,6848, -1915,71, 329,7492);
  return 1;

public OnPlayerSpawn(playerid) {
  GangZoneShowForPlayer(playerid, carshop, 0x00000096);
  return 1;
How do i get it so that if a player is in that zone and say: /buycar orsomething that a dialog will pop-up with certain cars.

And if he is outside the zone he get a message: You are not at a carshop or something.

Nevermind, found it

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