Small Script problem

Hi guys i havnt scripted in a while so i decided to get back into ive been using VB so my knowledge is a bit rusty can someone help me clean up this bit of code
	new keys, updown, leftright;
	GetPlayerKeys(playerid, keys, updown, leftright);
	if (keys & KEY_FIRE)
		for(new i, m = GetMaxPlayers(); i < m; i++)
			if (!IsPlayerConnected(i)) continue;
			if (i == playerid) continue;
			if (IsPlayerAimingTargetBodyPart(playerid, i, BODY_PART_HEAD)) SetPlayerHealth(i, 0.0);
			else if
			( IsPlayerAimingTargetBodyPart(playerid, i, BODY_PART_LEGS)) SetPlayerHealth(i , 70.0);
			( IsPlayerAimingTargetBodyPart(playerid, i, BODY_PART_LEGS)); SetPlayerHealth(i , 75.0);
			 SetPlayerArmedWeapon(i, 0);

What do you mean with cleaning up?

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