a ladder system?

hey guys i'm posting a new topic because i'd like to know if there's any ladders climbing animations? would be nice for a climbing ladders FS, like in GTA 4.


i think that would be hard to make something like this :O

well it depends, if there's already a anim for it, you go in the range of the checkpoint, (would need to add CPs to all ladders xD) set player facing angle to the ladder, then applying the animation, then setplayer's velocity?

Originally Posted by pmk1
(would need to add CPs to all ladders xD)
well thats the hard part

well..you could also make it a noob way:P...you donґt have to create the checkpoints on all ladders...you can also just make it like: /anim drunk..or so..
that it works everywhere..(like i said before..it would look kinda nooby that way:P)

rofl wud be fun:d u cud climb to air rofl

yea i could try, i didnt think about this one

Only one thing the ladders are different lengths and if u just do stop animation u would drop back down and you can say that you make the player move foward as you dont no what hieght each ladder is but still would be good.

This would be abbused to avoid /cuff,/uncuff and easily be abused to avoid a lot of other things.

yea, that's why i'd add checkpoints, but yea it would be loooot of work

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