Wont save factions

Hello,i try to make factions save,that means that it will save players faction,but if i log out,it will put the Faction to 0

under onplayerdisconnect is:

		dini_IntSet(file, "Faction", PlayerInfo[playerid][Faction]);
any help?thanks


pawn Код:
printf("Faction:%d", PlayerInfo[playerid][Faction]);
If it returns the same which it probably will then you are not setting your faction right.

well i made something easy

  if(strcmp(cmdtext, "/ttr", true) == 0)
	PlayerInfo[playerid][Faction] = 1;
	return 1;
and if i use it,then i relog,then my faction is still same what it was

yeah i checked it,and no i wont change it to 0,oh and i changed the id to 3 in file,then went to IG,typed /ttr,i think it made it to 1,but if i relog,its still 3

and about the MYSQL,i dont know much about it so yeah,i dont know how to make it to MYSQL,someone cud help me with this little script to make it mysql...like seif_ or smth.. lol

EDIT:got another prob now..

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