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Hello, i have car system which works fine, but the cars.cfg that i have is good and they repsawn where i add the POS, but after restart or payday the same cars (Copy of them) spawned somewhere "TRUCK HQ(RP)" like, i spawned the cars on jefferson when i go to jefferson i see them there and when i go to the truck hq they will droped from the sky to the earth but its not the same cars its copy of them and i checked the cars.cfg and somthing like 0.00000 etc. help please, sorry for the bad english !

it most probly something to do with the truck in the hq do they respawn when you live them (i mean the trucks not the cars).

nope the truck spawn where they should spawn... and i think only the ownable cars spawned behinde the truck hq and something new that its not copy of them its the same car moved to there. !!


Please help,its very important !!

Please, anyone can help ?? i can give him IG Admin or something, the script i have its like Redgie's roleplay or Intact roleplay or sharky's roleplay my script something like those, please i need help

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