TDM servers.

Well, I'm going to put some input in, on why I think that they're struggling greatly.

In my opinion, gang tdm servers are old news, they aren't 'in' with the death matching community. In my opinion, they've failed simply cause of all the new Call of Duty servers, especially after Call of Duty 4, Modern war-fare two was just released. I think it's a fad, something ridiculous as this isn't Call of duty, it's SAMP. The scripts are equally good, I play at those servers sporadically myself, but when it comes to the gang TDM server, it seems it's been over-used. It's just the same thing each day, with the same old gameplay, but with new war scripts coming up, it's on the uprise.

My opinion.


I haven't much to say, but not saying about whole sa-mp being the same almost everywhere, what new war scripts are you talking about?

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