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I made a thread in the server support board.

It was removed without anyone pming me or not..

It wasn't spam ?

Can anyone help?

Thread contents:

Thread title: server not showing with your external ip?

This is what you do to fix this annoying thing.

I use vista, I had the same problem until recently.

The problem is, not portforwarding improperlly, or windows Firewall ( I've got it disabled, so im not sure), but it is your network settings.

Go to "Control Panel\Network Connections" in a windows explorer window / with adress bar...

"Local Area Connection" icon.

a window called "Local Area Connection status should appear".

Click on properties.

Go to the list and click "Internet protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).

In the general page click "Use the following IP adress".

edit the following:
IP Adress: Found on Network setup page of router
Subnet Mask: Found on Network setup page of router
Default Gateway: - This is what I used in Applications and Gaming tab, for port forwarding the 7777 port. It may be different for you.

Select "Use following DNS server adresses.

Edit the following only!.

Prefered DNS server: (same as IP Adress: )

Do not put in an alternative one unless you have one... (which you wont likly have, i dont)

I hope this helps, Its what I've done to help me.

Credits; Shockk.

If anyone can, please help with this topic, sticky / screen shots / better description, im currently unwell, and I am putting limited effort.

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