Total desync (?) from server

Recently I got this strange (probably) desync thing.. When someone joins the server, I see message "Player joined the server" and I get totally desynced from server.. No functions works for me, if I type text nothing appears in chatbox.. The strangest thing is that I can type something in RCON console (like say Hello ) and I can see that message in game, but nothing else works..
After I re-connect to the server, everything works again.
1) SA-MP version. 0.3a
2) Windows version. Win XP SP2
3) Video card type. GeForce 9400 GT
3) IP:Port (if any) of the server you are trying to play on. My own:
4) If you are crashing, paste the crash report in your post and say when the crash occurs. not crashing
5) If you are crashing loading SA-MP, please say whether GTA:SA single player works (test it). not crashing. works.
6) Do you have any other GTA:SA mods installed? e.g. new vehicles. no mods at all.

11hour bump..

There's a thread in Bug Reports for these posts. It's not your clients fault.

But, R7. Touch wood, I haven't had one desync. I'm not saying it's fixed, but I think it happens less (or I'm playing less for it to happen).

I can also confirm this bug.
Sometimes SAMP stops to sync (TextDraws were not refreshed, text does not appear in the chat, ...).
But I can see other players moving.
Only a restart of the client fixes it.

Another bug: Sometimes a player is in car A but car B drives.

It just happened again.. So is it my server bug, or sa-mp bug?

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