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Are there any formats like : racing "scripts" which are somewhat like engines with your added data, or DM scripts or stunt stuff... something like that? Most important for me is racing.. not as most important for my script, so don't reply something unrelated , if there isn't at least i would like to make this, with some other people though (It would split in 3 main parts : As filterscript, as gamemode, as addon).
And yeah, making it possible to update script in cool ways like, there is a special code posting thread, in which you can post your script (it should be moderated) and small info about it, and this script is a part of the enginge, most likely it would be changes in default.
Main reason for this is having a good, complete racing system for whole sa-mp... quite like an free scripters possibility to upgrade and expand code, mappers chance to make maps postable in this new format, what would be like cars spawns or places, checkpoints, and ok whatever about it now, yeah and players chance to experience sa-mp's possibilities for racing, other way i think we know who has great lead, giant one.
Only format that i know and consider as format is GF, cause really, a lot of us know some of this system, some even whole, and there are this whole GF thing. And ok, as an chance to not being heard i will not continue for now.

Small ps: I consider that as scripting discussion is only used for errors, this is much more related to this section, sorry, but i hate posting in, i don't know how to call it, hole of no return?...

bump - no comments about this? ):

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