Little Question (Money)


I want to make a Roleplay Server. And need help.

When someone comes on my Roleplay server. He/she has no money.
How can I do it like this?

- Player gets 3000$ only 1 time when they have registed (not every spawn)

I need a good PayDay system with Level an Respectpoints.
That a player gets payday every hour
So when the player has lvl 1 - 1000$ (per hour)
when player has lvl 2 - 2000$
when player has lvl 3 - 3000$
and so on....

Can some1 explain that pls? or is there any toutorial?

Sorry baaaaaad english

hope 4 answ3rs

First one is easy, OnPlayerRegister try adding GivePlayerMoney it would work if after register there is autologin and stuff, if without an auto login, try setting variable for money 3000, if it you're successful then it would show up as read out from db or files, if I understand your system good enough, this is it.

And What about number 2?

And what about making sth. like this?

Pay: 1000$
Taxes: -150$
Respectpoint: +1 (2/
Level 1
Others: -100$
Earnings: 750$

Can Some1 explayn or give a toutorial?

Just use search there are some simple payday scripting help's and fixes in here, just use those.

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