Mapped an Island.

Hello, I mapped an island on my server with alot, alot alot of objects and when i try to add the newest stuff i build, it doesn't work, can someone helped me, i build like everyday, and the new stuff i made everyday, and now i build newer stuff and tried to add but it doesnt show up, only vehicles. WHY?

You'll need to use an object-streamer.

If you got shitloads of objects, don't use an object streamer. They just make your server more laggy.
Instead of an object streamer, use this

Originally Posted by Jay420
Instead of an object streamer, use this
Oh, and that isn't a streamer..?

I made it at, so do i need a streamer instead of Createobject codes?

Use the streamer plugin "Jay" posted...
when you are on click on the thing where you choose to what you convert:
when you need to add the Design add:
CreateDynamicObject({modelid}, {x}, {y}, {z}, {rx}, {ry}, {rz}, 0, 0, -1, 400.0);

(only thing you should change on this is the last number - 400 - ,thats the distance for the streamer)

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