Texture Problem

San Andreas v1, SA-MP 0.3a

Whenever I play in CrazyBob's Cops and Robbers 1 and 2, it runs fine for 1-2 hours, all the textures show up and everything. But after that, all the textures suddenly disappear, so I can't see where I'm going. I have a few car mods installed I don't know if that affects it. Please help thanks

P.S All my textures load in other servers just not in CrazyBob's servers

I had this problem before, it kind of went away on its own after awhile.

But you should try deleting the mods, since SA:MP wasn't designed to have mods installed.

i had this problem..but it was worse that this..every time i was entering a server i couldn't see no textures..but i have found a memory mod for gta sa and everything got fixed.

*sorry for late reply* but what memory fix? cause this happens to me alot... i cant see anything everything flickers...its annoying....

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