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Modern Warfare 2 Wanna Be
Hello there!

Before we start i just want to say that this is my first release!

Okay, let's get started!

This is a filterscript that add kill streak rewards, it uses score atm, but working on makeing it not to effect your score system
(If you use that) It will also add a Textdraw for your overall kills.
If you die with let's say a 3 kill streak you will go back to 0, and have to build it up again.
The Kill streaks is as followed:

3 KS = HP/Armour to 100.

4 KS = You earn a Deagle with 200 ammo.

5 KS = HP/Armour to 150.

7 KS = Micro SMG with 500 ammo.

10 KS = Your weather will be set to Sunny. (Starts as Foggy)

13 KS = HP/Armour to 200.

16 KS = You unlock the command /carepack (one time use) which will give you a MP5, 200 ammo for your deagle, 250 HP/Armour.

20 KS = M4 with unlimted Ammo.

25 KS = A Nuclear bomb. Activate with /nuke. (bombs everyone and end a the game by restarting the GM)

__________________________________________________ ______________________________________________

How do i install it?

Downloade the .rar file below, and extract it(You will need a program to extract it).

When extracted put the .pwn and .amx file into you filterscript folder.

and open your config doc, and at "Filterscripts" add "MW2WB" and start your server!

P.S You need DCMD to compile with no errors.

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Known bugs
I don't know any yet, but there might be a couple so if you find one please report it to me!

__________________________________________________ ______________________________________________

None yet.

__________________________________________________ ______________________________________________

Download links!

PWN and AMX v0.1:

Thanks to DracoBlue for DCMD!

Please comment, i like everyones opinion!

- Best Regards Naxix!

Screenshots ?

I will add em tomorrow.

TO be honest, this looks like fun
Well done.Like the idea.

I think this is pretty explanatory, no SS's required i guess :P

looks nice
good work

Thanks guys! It's not the best script as i'm a beginner :b just made it for training.

P.S I forgot to mention it use dcmd for commands tho, gonna update that soon.

Originally Posted by Naxix
I will add em tomorrow.
Make a vid, and btw nice idea.

Realy nice

i love the idea, but couldnt u make more fun rewards like UAV, first u don't see the player map icons, but with UAV u can see em for bout a minut. but still really lovely

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