Server says it cant load gamemode0

Heya im using New York Roleplay, but when i load the server it open the server and closes quickly i look at the log and i ge this

[16:40:06] Ban list
[16:40:06] --------
[16:40:06] Loaded: samp.ban
[16:40:06] I couldn't load any gamemode scripts. Please verify your server.cfg
[16:40:06] It needs a gamemode0 line at the very least.

But when i look at my config i have a game mode there "gamemode0 nyrp 1"

But whats going on any help will be greatfully appreciated!

Is your gamemode named "nyrp" in your gamemodes- folder?

Yeh it is! nyrp.pwn is

Bump need help...

You said it's named nyrp.pwn and u then said in first post next to gamemode0
you put nyrp 1.

Remove the. 1?

Make sure you have the AMX in the gamemodes folder.

deem... i have same error and i just noticed that at server root i have foleder "Gamemode" i changed it to "gamemode" and it worked !

Make sure you have compiled the pawn file in to an .amx file and it's inside your gamemode folder.

You just bumped a thread created just shy of a year ago, sMog.

Oh ffs! Why don't I ever look at time stamps! *cry*

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