Game doesn't open

I hope this time il get a response, because support here is really careless, none helps at all.
When I try to join a server nothing happens, I open samp, choose a server, press connect, and nothing happens, gta just runs in processes.

Please someone help me fix don't just ignore this -.-

I don't have any mods, samp version is 0.3a, the singleplayer XP SP2

as I through, none cares, none helps


What version of SA-MP do you have?

check the taskmanager in case the games runs in the background..
if it does close it and try again..
otherwise you might have to reinstall the whole game..


I have seen many people having this problem and i have helped them fix it, could you try this

Go to your documents (Start > My Documents) and find this GTA San Andreas User Files double click that folder and find a file called gta_sa.set delete that file and try to run your game again.

Hopefully this has helped goodluck.

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