[GameMode] [GM] Unfinished "Vd Deathmatch Derby".

Well, after several months of coding bug fixing and testing I got enough of it.
Gamemode is unfinished, BUT Working.
Here are the some main features of the gamemode:
Multilanguage IRC; there are channels for foregain ppl (More info ingame /IrcHelp
/report system (LuxAdmin)
Login system (I dont want to clain this as my own, i Integated it into gamemoge and forgot who made it)
/Help and /Rules are different for Admins and usual players
zCheck - Not finished/fixed
After spawn you have to wait for a minute for round to start

- Tranceworm - Made the gamemode
- Special Thanks to
- Coold1000 - Helped with alot of cool things
- Bomba [sa-mp.pri.ee] - Tested server, helped with bugs
- Thanks to:
- Martin [sa-mp.pri.ee] and Kevin [sa-mp.pri.ee]- Helped with bugs, gave good advise
- Emilijo - Admin commands
- Deji - Code snipets
- Luxorion for LuxAdmin
- Estonian Sa:MP communty: sa-mp.pri.ee
Uncomment line 298 - I commented it by accident.
There is more info in top of gamemode for bux fixes and stuff that you may need to know
I included everything needed - All the includes, executables, filterscripts and even all the backups from early stage of gamemode

You are not allowed to remove any of usernames from /credits under the following licence:

Finaly - Download

- Vd.pri.ee
- Upload.ee

Have fun and finish the gamemode - This thing has future!

Nobody intrested in theese kinda scripts anymore?
16 downloads (Only) and no comments

Good job man!


Ye man, ye. Vellllyyy good job, man. Ye man.

Well, im happy, that u guys like it. Anyone tought of finishing the gamemode and hosting it?

Originally Posted by ludo
Good job man!
Awesome dude

Good you like it. But can somebody fix the following bug: Multiple players cant play in one time (Id 0 can move, put others are freezed)

Finish it and then release it, it will be better.

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