I need A scripter I pay Wrely Good 'READ'

Ayo Man im tired Can just somone Good scripter Fix a Server Hm like Fear And respect
HostName: [.:. † The Streetz of Los Santos RPG † .:.]
Players: 0/ 0
Ping: 53
Mode: Fear And Respect RPG v1.2a
Map: Los Santos

i cant imagine that any scripter will /register in your server to just help you out.
if you expect someone to help you, you should think about allowing unregistered players to spawn, walk around, maybe talk to some players - and see whats wrong - i tried - and failed.

i just need a scripter msn jonas-westside@hotmail.com and i pay good for it

How much is what i want to know?


i can be your scipter
I dont want money but im a good scripter i host and script my own server i cant join in mine cyz its full LOL
plz i will like to help u but can u make me admin in your server?

There we go, Noob scripters asking to be an admin again hehhe

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