Little help please

i have a server but the player run like a gay/slow and i want a script for run faster , like CJ in single player

also i have 2 question: If i have 2 team for example: Grove and Ballas, and a Balla guy want to enter in Grove car how can i script that they cant enter anymore on other teams cars? To eject them from car and a message:" Youre not belong to Grove Street!"!.

And he second one: I want to make a register and login panel. How can i script that?

Thanks for Help , Vico


Something along those lines, look down your function list in Pawno as I've forgot it's correct name.

Use "OnPlayerStateChange", if it's "_DRIVER" or "_PASSENGER" then check the team with "SetPlayerTeam" or whatever method you use for setting teams like "gTeam" and if it's not the one you want then remove them with "RemovePlayerFromVehicle". You could also negate all that by using params, again I can't remember the exact name of the function (I no longer script) but it's something like "SetVehicleParamsForPlayer", look down your list and remember vehicles are streamed so you will have to redo it each time it streams in.

Panel as in menu ? I think you mean a dialog, plenty of examples out there, look in the FS section.

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thx guys

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