Please help Chinese players Thank you

I am a player from China, I do love the GTA SA, but because the question of resources I can not find many resources so I hope that we can point of a good map and the script to me I can only thank you for the use of mail received 529 439 240 @ also ask how the map to add real estate and vehicles in different countries, we make friends though this is my translated by ****** thanks to my previous post how did the hair

If you want to create a map create it with this:

Then go here to convert objects:

To learn how to script go here:

Good luck,

You can leave me my mail address to contact you you

Originally Posted by superjunior
You can leave me my mail address to contact you you
Do you maybe have a msn or xfire ?

En we Chinese use the QQ, but I go to download MSN MSn of you to leave you how to use ah MSN China to License?

Although I can use the translation and exchange, but we have a translation of a very slow time in the official website to find what I need to take a long time I have I need a contact person who can help me I thank you for me Love you I love SAMP 呵呵

Also, there's different language sections, you can use this I think:

(Good translation....): 此外,还有不同的语言部分,你可以使用这个,我觉得 (


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