xReaper - Anti!Cheat 0.1b

xReaper - Anti!Cheat

Current xReaper Version:
Version 0.1b

Cheats xReaper Detects:
  • Fake Kill
    This is a widely used cheat which comes with the hack we all know of. Hackers also use this as a kicking utility on servers that kick people for certain weapons.
  • Indoor Weapons
    We all have witnessed this happening and it may have happened to you too. Hackers can use weapons indoor to terrorize.
  • Spam
    Usually spam is caused to irritate people or admins. It is caused usually by Hotkeys or other 3rd party programs.
  • Health
    Everybody knows this one. No need to explain :P.
  • Speed
    No need to explain :P.
  • Airbreak
    A cheat used to move across great distances in all 8(diagonals included) directions.
  • Flying Vehicle
    The keywords is "flying."
  • Stick
    A certain cheat that attaches you to the connected player of your choice.
The xReaper's Actions:
Since I myself do not like seeing innocent players getting banned nor do I like listening innocent players complain about mistakenly banned, the xReaper Anti!cheat only reports and takes no further action. The xReaper also does not spam your chat screen with anticheat reports.

xReaper's Bugs:
I am aware of no bugs that are caused by the anticheat but if you do find some, please report them in this topic so I can fix them for future releases and keep cheaters banned.

xReaper Supports:
Interiors - If you walk into an interior, you are not reported for speed

xReaper's Download Links:

Works great Pixels was Fugitive the Test host lol?

Maybe .

Oh! Nice work~~~~~~~~~~~ Thank for AntiCheat ~~~~
Cheater!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good Bye~

Thank you for the comment. If you find any bugs, please report them in this topic.


With no offence intended i must say that this is the worst looking script that i have ever seen from somebody like yourself who is known to be a well respected scripter. The coding is basic and shows no sense of ability whereas i know you do have ability. But basically it is all guess work, i didn't see one bit of code that would find a cheater/hacker and would be even 80% sure that it had found one. Maybe for the indoor weapons, take into consideration that somebody may well have used knuckle dusters which aren't synced and show the player to have and use they previous weapon. The spam would be no good at all if there are only 2-3 people in the server. Flying vehicle.. huh, helicopters/areoplanes? Not to mention a car doing a jump in the desert or from mount chilliad. I aint bothered to look at the rest i just quickly scrolled down. Good attempt though.


Hey Pixels^,

nice to see some new script on the anticheat section.

Even though BeckzyBoi already complained about most parts of your script, I want to give you some hints, which thinks are broken (because of pwn/samp, not because of your idea) and what could be done faster.

As I can see you use a filterscript (good idea), but you only initialize the timers once. Sine timers break in samp filterscripts (since they can be only raised when player connects) as soon as the player logs off, you really need to use a var, which sets when your filterscript does its work and when not. So please test it with more then player and even the case that the scripting timer creator, left.
In the source of my DAntiCheat I have a following for that issue:
pawn Код:
if ((lastanticheat+3)<Now()) {
Secondly its always better to use one timer less then much, because it slows down. Stick could call at least HP to remove one timer.

I am not quite sure if the indoor weapon detection is correct, though you would kill somebody with fists, can't you?

Please get a look at the DAntiCheat source, even though I didn't wanted it to be released it shows some workarounds for the basic issues, which your script still has!

Have fun coding!

Kind regards,
Jan (DracoBlue)

gj but now an ugly 14 year old kill will download the ac and make a hack against it!
anyway.. GoodJob!

good work pixels^,can you please add that code for the anticheat to pastebin.ca, and this please too: http://forum.sa-mp.com/index.php?topic=16786.0 because i cant download it from sendspace and rapidshare.

thanks in advance.

hmm i think Fugitive has the better one, Admins still are the best anti-cheat in my opinion :P

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