[HELP] Robbery system, tax system, houseing system

hello people i have searched for this a few times on each putting it in just about everyway possable

ok what im looking for is a system that can do all of this in Las Venturas..if there isn't one how hard would it be to make a good systems that does everything im going to be posting below

robbery system that hits up to 4 banks, atms, houses, people, ETC

Tax system that will tax all players that own a house and cars...say fed, state, local, welfare, house phone, cell phone, power bill, ETC

Housing system that loads about 100 or more houses with rent, buy, enter, sell, safe, ETc

Remember this is all for Las Venturas Thanks bobby

You could try copying and editing some of the codes from different gamemodes http://forum.sa-mp.com/index.php?board=30.0

This section is to ask help or discuss about Scripting...

Click here for the Script Request Thread

*sigh* Well just look at some realease gamemodes and learn from them, and if you ever use them


The scripters!!!!

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