guys i am using dini account sytem i made,ah i cant say that I made it i see tutorial on this forum and try,and it works great,but i need help,how i can make if player arest someone he will get +2500 money and it will save this money in his database ? u know guys what i mean ? if player arest someone he dont get just +2500$ in game it save it in Database too , how i can make this ?

ye i was searching on this forum for this do but i dont ofund anything for fix my problem

Using dini_IntSet ? Assuming the player's money loaded from his ini file is stored in the variable money[playerid]:
pawn Код:
//when playerid arest someone:
money[playerid] += 2500;
dini_IntSet(playerid, "money", money[playerid]);
Note that i haven't used dini since years so i don't remember exactly the parameters.

thank you,is dini ok for saving or dudb ? what is better ?

actualy it wont work ... i get errors ...

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