stock printc(const format[], {Float,_}:...)

stock printc(const format[], {Float,_}:...)
  new Hour, Minute, Second;
	gettime(Hour, Minute, Second);
	new cf[100];
	format(cf, 100, format, {Float,_}:...);
	if( fexist(CmdFile) )
	  new File:cmdf=fopen(CmdFile, io_append);
	  fwrite(cmdf, cf);
	return 1;
So i made this, ofc it doesn't work, i don't know how to use the format and the Float, should i format it all in a new string or how, could someone explain and re-make my code ? thanks


It's not that simple, and the easiest way is to use a macro.

Your code converted to a macro:
pawn Код:
#define printc(%1); \
  new Hour, Minute, Second;\
  gettime(Hour, Minute, Second);\
  new cf[100];\
  format(cf, 100, %1);\
  if( fexist(CmdFile) )\
    new File:cmdf=fopen(CmdFile, io_append);\
    fwrite(cmdf, cf);\

Thanks alot Yom...


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