CoD:MW 2

I don't usually ask about these type of things but it really varies so... How demanding is this game? I meet the minimum requirements but that doesn't mean it's playable.

AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ (2.6 GHz X 2 cores)
Geforce 7950 GT OC

I know, I need an upgrade.
Maybe someone who was the game for PC could shed some light on this. Maybe someone even has similar specs.

My friend has this game. His computer is close to yours except he has an 8600GT. you should be able to play on 1024x768 on med/low settings with around 40 FPS which is very playable. If you can run that smoothly just slowly turn your graphics up until it's unplayable.

Edit: go to "" and look up any games you want to play and it will tell you how well you can play the game. If you can't get it to run on firefox "which I can't" try using it on IE

You can run it but id swap that amd for a intel

Ok, thanks for your input. By the way, this site is also good.


Actually now that I remember, I played COD4 MW 1 on this PC some time ago. It would be around 30 FPS but occasionally it would dip a lot lower. However I can run all Steam games, Fallout 3, ETQW, BF2, and FEAR just fine on high (for some games) to medium settings. I guess my hardware is obsolete for these new games. So unless they did lots of optimizations (doubtful) it's not looking too good for MW2.

CODMW2 is well optimized, compared to CODWAW.. as developed by Infinity Ward .

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