Command returns an invalid error

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Try this.

public OnOfflineBanPlayer(playerid, name[],reason[]) {
	new ip[16],accid[16];
	new rows, fields;
	cache_get_data(rows, fields);
	if(rows > 0) {
		SendClientMessage(playerid, X11_TOMATO_2, "* User not found");
		return 1;
	format(query, sizeof(query),"INSERT INTO `bans` SET `bannerid` = %d,`reason` = \"%s\",`accountid` = %d,`ip` = INET_ATON(\"%s\")",GetPVarInt(playerid, "AccountID"), reason, strval(accid),ip);
	mysql_function_query(g_mysql_handle, query, true, "EmptyCallback", "");
	format(query, sizeof(query), "[AdmWarn]: %s has OBanned %s: %s",GetPlayerNameEx(playerid, ENameType_AccountName), name, reason);
	ABroadcast(X11_TOMATO_2, query, EAdminFlags_All);
	return 1;
As expected, it does not seem to work.

It does say that the user has been offline banned yet the user is still not banned. Moreover, even if the account doesn't exist, it still shows the message that the account has been banned.

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