[Map] Bank Interior [Not finished]

Bank Interior V.1
I came here a couple weeks ago and I am striving to keep this section updated with new maps, as you can see this map is a bank interior mainly designed for RP purposes(Not trying to compete with anybody ) this consists of everything which is located in a real life bank, tried to keep it unique as much as possible, other than that I am a qualified mapper and mapping projects, price ranges from 1$ to 2$ depending on the map, but as a bonus the first man to contact me for a map will get their map on free cost ( Only one token left so hurry up ). PM me to get a chance, Pm every detail with images and examples for how you want the map to look alike


Take a look closely

Updated [V.2]

Version One [V.1] Codes:

Version two [V.2] Codes:

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