Help with some errors

Guys i am getting errors

E:\Samp Server 0.3z\gamemodes\bb_freeroam.pwn(597) : error 075: input line too long (after substitutions)
E:\Samp Server 0.3z\gamemodes\bb_freeroam.pwn(598) : error 037: invalid string (possibly non-terminated string)
Pawn compiler 3.2.3664	 	 	Copyright © 1997-2006, ITB CompuPhase

2 Errors.
with this code
pawn Код:
new hattext[] = "Black Top Hat\nNavy Artist Hat\nRed Artist Hat\nBlue Artist Hat\nCamo Artist Hat\nBlack Round Top Hat\nBold Blue Round Top Hat\nGreen Round Top Hat\nRed Round Top Hat\nBrown Round Top Hat\nBlack Beanie\nGrey Beanie\nBlack Cowboy Tall Hat\nBlack Sun Hat\nBlue Checkered Sun Hat\nOrange And Red Zig-Zag Sun Hat\nLeopard Skin Fedora\nBlack And White Circles Fedora\nCartoon Leopard Skin Fedora\nBee Skin Fedora\nBlack And Red Ski Hat\nZebra Circle Skin Hat\nBurger Shot Hat\nBrown Cowboy Hat\nBlack Cowboy Hat\nRed Cowboy Hat\nMaroon Cowboy Hat\nCluckin' Bell Hat\nClassic Black Top Hat\nClassic White Top Hat\nClassic White Round Top Hat";
can any one tell me any solution for it?

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