Script Lotto, Jobs, Stats, Players Faction ON

now I want to create a script which lottery typing / ticket [number from 1-90] bets in the store to play the chosen number (you can play once a payday) extraction takes place every hour in this way in payday
Number excerpt: | Lottery Jackpot: | Winner: | if they win the money coming into the account mailbox that matches the user's sessioneID


This is in Arizona / panel that opens a ShowDialog if I select character statistics does not show all the statistics, I helped to create a command / stats that show the following things?
______________ [STATS] ______________
Name: | Money: | Level: | Exp: / 6 | Materials: | Drugs: | Key House: | Key Business: | Bank: | Warn: | Year: | Hours of play: | Telephone Number: | Jobs | Number arrests: | Robbery loot: | Money currents: | Reinforcements: | Waist: | Skins: |
A: | B: | C: | Flight: | Navigation: | Port of weapons: | Faction: | Rank: | CLAN: |

Would that not be earned for checkpoint but that there was a specific number of checkpoints that once completed you will receive the salary account in the post the next payday

how can I create a command that opens a PlayerShowDialog options with Police, Doctors, Army, K69, Mechanical;
if you clicked one of these show how many members are on duty faction with the names listed below.

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