Login bug

I know i can just remove the
pawn Код:
But the code he gave me i dont exactly have a code that gets if the player is logged in or not
I recently added the enum pConnected but not exactly sure how to use it. cause right now my code looks like
pawn Код:
public OnPlayerRequestSpawn(playerid)
    if(login[playerid]/*change this to ur own variable*/ == 0) // 0 = not logged in and 1 = logged in
        SendClientMessage(playerid,colors,message); // u must change the colors and the message
    return 1;
I was thinking maybe using OnPlayerDisconnect to write something like
pawn Код:
INI_WriteInt(File,"Logged",PlayerInfo[playerid][pConnected]= 0);
And OnPlayerLogin
INI_WriteInt(File,"Logged",PlayerInfo[playerid][pConnected]= 1);

But im not sure if any of that is correct or not

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