[FilterScript] Wounds System

Wounds System
  • This FS is very simple. If you get shot or beat up, you get 'wounded.' Once you are wounded, your screen will flash red every 10 seconds up to 40 seconds and you will lose some health.
  1. Download from below
  2. Unzip to filterscripts folder
  3. Put "wounds" without the quotes in the filterscript line of your server.cfg.
  4. Open up wounds.pwn and find the line "#define MAX_PLAYERS 50"
  5. Change 50 to however many players your server can handle(slots).
  6. Compile your script by pressing F5.
  7. That's it. Your up and running.
  • Want to add more stuff for the wounds system but don't want to import the FS into your gamemode? No problem.
  • Just add the lines below to your gamemode and you can script the wounds system to do whatever you like.
    pawn Код:
    public OnPlayerWoundUpdate(playerid, status)
        //status equals '1' if player has been wounded.
        //status equals '0' if player is back to normal after being wounded.
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