Wild West Roleplay [0.3.DL]

A immersive roleplaying experience, based on the ole' American Frontier

Server addresses: play.wildwest-roleplay.com
Website addresses: Forums
Server Version: 0.3.DL


Wild West Roleplay is a roleplaying server heavily influenced by the Wild West (as the name suggests). While we roleplay being an independent state from the United States of America, we try to portray a realistic embodiment of what the American Frontier was like. We have numerous guides on our forums to help newcomers understand the struggles the people had back then, and we take pride in keeping our community close knit. There will often be times where the management engages in intellectual talk with our players, as we encourage bonding instead of creating a barrier between the staff team and the players.

We want this server to serve as a creative outlet for all those who are interested in the wild west niche and haven't found the community for it yet. We encourage new roleplayers to give it a chance while we want to assure the heavy-set roleplayers that they'll be met with plenty of immersive systems and gimmicks that will spruce up their character and faction development.

High/med/low roleplay

We want to stray away from this deluded and failed concept of "high, low, med, etc" roleplay. There is no such thing and any server claiming to be "high" roleplay, "med" roleplay or "hardcore" roleplay is a hoax - there will always be noobs and there will always be elitists.

On paper, Wild West Roleplay is "hardcore" roleplay, but not because we have good roleplayers, but because we want the best experience for our players in terms of realism, immersion and freedom of roleplay. We do take in noobs, but we do our best to make sure that they are taken care of and don't disrupt scenes of other people.

Staff team and staff decisions

The staff team is a team that we have structured in a way so that a staff member is available at any time, regardless of where you live or what the time is. We hire people based on their maturity, general thought process and their timezone. Only a select few people get to represent the server and whilst they don't necessarily gain many advantages over other players, they are the core embodiment of the community, as it's the staff team who interacts with the players on a day to day basis.

Staff decisions are majorly voted for by the community. We also don't aim for permanent bans, believing that everyone can get a second chance however we do have a system in place to preemptively stop repetitive rulebreakers. Depending on how many rules you have broken in a specific span of time, your punishment may be harsher than someone who hasn't however a staff member will always talk to a rule breaker first (if applicable) before punishing them, to make sure they understand what has happened and to create a friendly buffer between the punisher, and the punished.

Any major changes, including staff team changes, are voted for by the community. If the management wants something and the community doesn't, it won't get added. If the community doesn't want something but the management team does, it won't be added. Everything is voted for in a forum section, where users can voice their complaints and feedback. As stated previously, we do not want to incite elitism and power strikes - because of this we decided that creating a forum dedicated to major changes where the community can decide would be best for the community.

Features, development, and updates

Our script is fully modular with over 50,000 lines of code, with daily maintenance done to the script to get rid of inefficient and deprecated code. We pride ourselves in brief, efficient code and we are always looking to improve ourselves. All of our current systems have a lot of depth, they have been fine tuned over many courses of beta testing and have many underlying features to make sure they are as dynamic as can be. Some of these features include:

Temperature - Your character has to mantain their body temperature in order to stay alive either while enduring the heat of the day or the cold of the night.
Horses - Since vehicles like cars didn't exist in the 1850s, we've developed a horse system that allows you to travel from town to town on horseback with animations.
Economy - While normal servers only work with dollars, Wild West Roleplay uses both dollars and cents, allowing us to recreate a realistic economy from the time period.
Overhauled Mapping - To help fit within the Wild West theme, the server setting has been recreated to help immerse players into the world of the 1850s.
Custom Skins & Attachments - With the creativity that 0.3.DL allows, we have created many custom skins and attachments to help individualize your characters.

Our developers have heaps of experience, each of them having played big roles on more popular servers in the past and have been scripting for years on end. They have reached a point where literally nothing is impossible, and we take pride in portraying this in our project.


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