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Quote: Originally Posted by HyDrAtIc Why does everyone post the pictures in a very big size? :/ ON: I don't know web coding, just the basics of HTML and PHP, basics of most web languages. ...
@OP That's a nice looking theme for ST2! Mind sharing the name? And although I use ST2 as well, I use IntelliJ more everyday for Java projects:
It means your MySQL host doesn't allow remote connections, from what I can see. Or, the IP trying to connect is blocked.
Format the output from the query into a string and then parse it, yes. However with listitems (just looked real quick on the wiki) I don't understand what you're exactly trying to do now. From what I'...
At the top of your script: #include <ladmin> Replace if(IsPlayerAdmin(playerid)) with if(IsPlayerLuxAdm(playerid)) Replace if(IsPlayerAdmin(i)) with if (IsPlayerLuxAdm(i))
Quote: Originally Posted by Dokins Would that mean I'd have to save the time? Also yeah that covers the MySQL part but what about the dialog? How do I do it without the listitem 1 etcccc?...
Quote: Originally Posted by Domnic Toretto Not it change in my database, only gives my the rights temporarily in game until relog Trying to understand what you just said. Are you saying...
Use LIMIT <amount to show>,<starting row> at the end of your query. Example: SELECT * FROM criminal_records WHERE name = '%s' ORDER BY time ASC LIMIT 10,0 That would select all fields ...
Are you sure it even successfully queries? Check the database and see if it changes your admin level in your database. What may be causing you to just receive your admin temporarily before relogging i...
I use OVH for dedicated servers, they're cheap prices and reliable. However they're currently set to sold out due to some internal structural changes on their end. I figure this will stay like this un...
Left side of the notification box is too for spaced from the left border of the phone.
Java and Javascript are entirely different things. They're not the same.
if nothing else works try alt + enter while in game
I'm an all Apple guy. And I can say iOS 7 is just simply beautiful.
As many of you may already know, ******* began creating the new 2013 ******* One Channel design for channels. In my opinion, it's an alright styled design, but when ******* decides to begin forcing a...
Scale down the drop shadow. When it comes to web designs, too much shadow is usually a very unappealing effect.
If you're aiming for simplicity and something revolutionary I would suggest going with something so basic and dull. You need more colors than just gray, excluding the icons. If you're looking for some...
I'm going to hit you where it hurts the most. A POSITIVE REP.
As far as I know, it's almost near impossible to even attempt to crack Whirlpool encryption. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it's what I heard / know so far.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cameryn No idea. My dad built-in. Is it bad? No. A GTX 690 isn't going to benefit your server in anyway, but you can count yourself lucky to have a graphics ...