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Countryside Roleplay is a Roleplay server based on the popular game mod San Andreas Multiplayer for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. The server is based in the area of Red County and promintently fea...
It's been a few years since I last posted here, and as I'm in the midst of writing my college applications I'm reminiscing on everything I've done in the past ~10 years. Some of you might remember me ...
Quote: Originally Posted by SuperViper Fake the votes Go to the page, search for SAMP, type the following in the URL bar and hit enter: Code: javascript:for(var index=0;index<50;inde...
It looks like your string size is too small. Increase the size of query.
pawn Код: if(5 > strlen(inputtext) > 32){    // password not between 5-32 characters}
It's a server configuration variable and may only be set in the server.cfg file.
pawn Код: if(Some Code){    Something;    return 1;} is not the same as pawn Код: if(Some Code) return Something; The first one will always return 1 but the second one will return whate...
Quote: Originally Posted by AlonzoTorres pawn Код: public OnPlayerConnect(playerid){       GivePlayerMoney(playerid, 500000);    SetVIP(playerid, true);    GiveHouseForFree(play...
No. The user is constantly receiving new data that tells them the location, name, etc of players streamed in (I think, not sure) to them. "Hacking" tools are able to receive that data by reading memor...
pawn Код: if(playertextid != PlayerText:INVALID_TEXT_DRAW) pawn Код: if(clickedid == Text:INVALID_TEXT_DRAW)
Just use MAX_PLAYERS for the size. It doesn't have to be the exact size of the players currently online.
Read the title. It's up to 0.3e. I don't play SA-MP anymore, so I don't plan on updating this.
Loop through the array and check if the numbers are equal.
Nobody cares what script you use. It's not the SAMP team's responsibility to enforce that.
Rather than using TogglePlayerControllable, you can store the player's position and repeatedly set it back to that position in a quick timer. pawn Код: forward public PlayerFrozenCheck(playerid);...
Quote: Originally Posted by Djole1337 pawn Code: stock ProvedAtRandom(){    new Random = random(3);    switch(Random)    {        case 0: SendRconCommand("gmx");        case...
Quote: Originally Posted by Konstantinos No need to use strmid or any temporary string to store the name. Just: pawn Code: GetPlayerName(playerid, PlayerName[playerid], MAX_PLAYER_NAME); ...
If you're trying to do multiple lines, then you need to send a client message for each line.
If the mode separates itself into include files, then you should only compile the main script after editing any file.
OnVehicleSpawn is called when a vehicle is respawned, not created.