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Hello im making Drive the van mission and i got some of these error when i reach the checkpoint Code: [15:20:23] [debug] Run time error 4: "Array index out of bounds" [15:20:23] [debug] Accessing e...
Hey i have a bug in player stats (played time) the time increases by 160 hours or smthing after a minutes from register when player register the time is working good but after few minutes it gets bug...
I fixed it , instead of having Код: ResetPlayerWeapons(playerid); I made it like that Код: ResetPlayerWeapons(playerid); ResetPlayerWeapons(playerid); and it worked....... can someone tell me...
Im using these codes under ondialogresponse if(response) { switch(dialogid) { case 90: { switch(listitem) {
I'm making WP system in dialog and in response some i resetplayerweapons it only work for the first 4 cases (0 1 2 3) but it doesn't reset weapons in case 4 Код: case 0: { ResetPlaye...
sscanf & streamer not sure if other plugins required
Okay thanks its working now, idk what was the problem in using GetPlayerName, as im using it in my whole gm and there wasn't this error
31 its already made
still the same and also i got the same error in that line Код: format(string, sizeof(string), "%s have won the duel against opponent %s", GetPlayerName(gDuel[playerid][d_opponent]), GetPlay...
Okay i made this Код: ReturnWeaponName(weaponid) { new weaponstr[45]; GetWeaponName(weaponid, weaponstr, sizeof(weaponstr)); return weaponstr; } Код: format(string, sizeof(stri...
Hey, I need help with this error , Thx Код: (4578) : warning 202: number of arguments does not match definition Код: format(string, sizeof(string), "%s have won the duel against opponent %s [w...
Hey guys, My server has been facing crash hacks few days ago and its really annoying , my server version is 0.3.7, the hacker crash players by moving with vehicles like heli, and so not only motors i...
if u didn't update your server yet, try to update to 0.3.7
at onplayerspawn call your saved position, SetPlayerPos