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Where did you set a value for Код: GarageInfo[i][GarageExitX], GarageInfo[i][GarageExitY], GarageInfo[i][GarageExitZ] ?
Text: Geso Text pos.: Bottom right Size: 430x176 2 Colors: Red, Grey Render/Image: Anything else: Few nice effects?
You're sure you used both 0.3d client and server?
Quote: Originally Posted by uprp dnt use 0.3d, it's bugged .. Talking about the client ofcourse... Wait for a higher release. This forum requires that you wait 120 seconds between...
Quote: Originally Posted by SlashPT Still that's crappy, every time you are removing one object , are you going to post it ? Still, you're nagging. If you don't like what I'm doing, the...
Quote: Originally Posted by SlashPT Yeah, this is just getting rediculous, every fucking gate/object you ( samp scripters ), remove you are going to post here?! Ofc not, you should have...
Quote: Originally Posted by Hiddos Nice, but one minor bug: You're also deleting ALL gates around San Andreas which use the SAME object ID as the KACC gates (If any) I made some untested ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Slake OnPlayerConnect Ehm, haven't you learned to speak properly? A few extra words and your post would be a lot more useful.
Quote: Originally Posted by KyleSmith Cool release, but there is no need to remove it twice, either do it on gamemode init or onplayerconnect. Both is not needed. Yea, you're right, but...
Another even simpler script, that removes the gates at the bike and the driving school so you can enter the grounds without having to climb over it. I'd wanted to post this in useful snippets in the ...
It has been mentioned in many suggestion-posts before. And now it's possible! This script/snippet makes the gates at KACC Military Fuels openable. Also thanks to Hiddos for tweaking it a little. It...
Quote: Originally Posted by Firzendxiw All I see people is saying Nice, and Nice job. Seriously you guys must be thick. Sorry to say mate, but this is a joke if you tried making an army ba...
Quote: Originally Posted by calzo2011 I love this inc but the problem is when I add it to my Gamemode it gives me warnings, have I done something wrong cause I got a friend who does more s...
Not possible, it only works at the original Pay 'N Spray's.
43 See if they have ranks in reallife...
Hey, atleast it works, doesn't matter if it's simple. And to be honest, the scripting looks very neat to me.
Mind changing something in the credits? Dini is made by Dracoblue and not by bluedarco... Nevertheless I think you did a great job.