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There is no need to convert between decimal and hexadecimal because there is nothing to convert. It's the same number. Just fetch and store with the regular Int functions like you would any other numb...
Like any other integer value. They might come out looking like -15786300 or something like that but that's normal. The reason you can use -1 in SendClientMessage to get white is that -1 is exactly the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Hansrutger I don't see the reason why to call it donating? Tax reasons.
Restructure your array so that it looks like this: Код: P_CHEMICAL[playerid][id][Amount] Also you shouldn't name regular variables in all caps; identifiers in all caps are usually reserved for con...
Hmm, are you trying to add two identical rows together? Same player, same item id? Because I'm not quite grasping the context. What you should probably do is: a) remove the id field and the keys asso...
Oh. Uhm, well it is a rather strange query. Do you mind showing your data structure? Perhaps there is better way to do it.
A subquery needs to be a full fledged query. PHP Code: UPDATE `player_inventory` SET `amount` = `amount` + (SELECT `amount` FROM player_inventory WHERE `id` = %d) WHERE `id` = ...
Does it remove the LOD model as well, i.e. does it produce two different RemoveBuilding lines? The LOD model (Low Object Detail) is displayed when you're farther away than 300 meters.
MD5 has been proven insecure. Use the inbuilt SHA256_PassHash() function instead.
You put all the contents of that command in a separate function and then you call that function from wherever you want. Return cmd_ is, IMO, a poor design choice.
See this thread:
In what language is it customary to start every damn word with a capital letter? It's even more annoying to read than all caps. Make sure that you close the MySQL connection in OnGameModeExit.
It seems too big to represent the interior of such a small boat. But it could be used for other purposes. Perhaps as a hotel room or even a hospital room.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hansrutger but again [XenForo] costs but once you pay you have it forever, unlike IPB. Invision Power is the same thing. Once bought, you can use it forever....
Do you also destroy the textdraw when the player disconnects? PlayerTextDraw is automatically destroyed on disconnect, regular TextDraw is NOT. I think you're hitting the limit which prevents any furt...
This is very confusing to read. I can also see several issues but none seem to be directly related. 1) Your queries are vulnerable to SQL injection because you're not escaping user input. Use mysql_f...
Colors are numbers not text. They just happen to be presented in hexadecimal (base 16) instead of decimal (base 10) most of the time because that's easier to read; each color component (red, green, bl...
This has already been discussed countless times. vBulletin used to be the standard, but no longer. Quality suffered greatly when IB took over Jellsoft. They also charge you for every upgrade unlike ot...
You can use this: It's not advanced at all, so I don't mind. I wrote this in 5 minutes a few days ago when I needed something similar. It basically the same idea that Art...
If you add a new streamed entity in the immediate vicinity of the player then it will not be streamed until you leave the area and come back. The plugin divides the map in cells (imagine a large grid ...