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Just clone from another computer so before clone it can run normally when clone to another computer why it show that use "nativechecker" it's said cause my plugin My plugin lasted version update ...
Launcher unCheck password When login is launcher will store in variable PassConn for check match pass in script but bug bypass login srry my english skill not good VB Script Quote: Di...
why not *** Streamer Plugin: Include file version (0x26105) does not match plugin version (0x281001) (script might need to be recompiled with the latest include file) version 2.8.1 update from git...
tired try all way to fix it work on player id 0 only help lz i do some thing wrong ? or ? cause before it work normally i don't know i do some thing wrong sa-mp 0.3.7 mycode progress b...
i need to getkey when player move normally (W S A D) or (W & Holding Spacbar) i find in wiki not found i want My code Код: public OnPlayerKeyStateChange(playerid, newkeys, oldkeys) { ...
Help ! it not work for me or i do dome thing wrong ? TDEditor 1.16 | My sa-mp 0.3.7 Install TDE.txd > GTA San Andreas\models\txd TDE.amx > filterscripts &&
i use with button before button 24 MoveDynamicObject Work normally but when button 24 and more it not work Код: public OnPlayerPressButton(playerid, buttonid) { if(buttonid == 24) { if(Is...
plz some one can tell me what fucntion ? or what i will make by self
i want to do same this how to [ame=""][/ame]
if i want player sit on chair can i do ? how to use anim can't sit because object obstruct