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Sorry for the bad image quality, I wasn't able to find any better. I would really appreciate if any of you has seen this obj!
Sup lads, i've recently mapped several interiors with the premade wall objects that SAMP has made. The problem is, the floor objects doesn't spawn quick enough so you fall throught the floor. (Even ...
@XbossX, Sorry, i'm not really looking to work. Thanks anyways! @DerickClark Thanks! @NathNatii O shit, I'm not allowed to show maps here without a download? :O
Epic! Kill it with fire! :P
Uhuh, I think i fixed it! I deleted some braces, and placed return 1; in a another place. OnFilterScriptInit now: PHP код: {    print("\n--------------------------------------");    ...
Hello folks, I need some help, I gained this error "error 010: invalid function or declaration", And i have no idea how, This is my pawn code lines. (This is a filterscript.) Error: PHP код: ...