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I got friendzoned by a girl i really like and would like to be together with but she just doesn't want, not even sex, she just wants to be friends, what would you do in this situation?? First time we...
Selling shotguns, nitro etc. for 100$ real money and then closing gg to all noobs who paid for that
Quote: Originally Posted by KeithCooper He meant his forum username Mr.Obvious.. Can you not reply at all if you have nothing important to say? Go learn what Mr.Obvious means and when y...
Quote: Originally Posted by Crayder Yeah? And this is an ancient game. Yes, it's an old game, and it's possible to add new objects. So why not? Did you see the horse that SA has current...
Quote: Originally Posted by Satori_Komeiji There is one. It looks shit tho..
How much are you selling it for
How about not opening a new server and playing on others ?
Quote: Originally Posted by Tuntun It's already game settings. you said it's 1360x768x16
Go to settings and look at the resolution - it's probably on 16x but should be 32
Why would you do that if there are already the standard GTA SA bars lmao??
If you don't know how to fix this error, better don't use that gamemode at all because it has bugs, is not finished and is coded badly
Hello everyone, i am currently doing a experiment on SA:MP. Please leave a vote, also a message with your oppinion if you want. Would you play on a server and earn 10 cents per hour? If you go afk,...
That moment when you see your first post here on the SA:MP forums...