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Make sure your laptop is plugged in while your playing games, laptops tend to slow down if running on battery.
Neat. Just curious, what happened with your Royale server?
Wow now that's a first, pretty sure Vortex is turning into another HostSkool.
I would really like to see a Battle Royale server, it sounds like a really good idea to have but it's going to have to take a lot of effort and dedication.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tetragromaton Bad. So, when game-me open account registrations ? Do i need wait for another samp version in order to get game-me account ? They haven't opene...
It's really your preference with what distro you would like to work with. From my hand experience I've enjoyed using Debian more than centOS, at least for game servers.
I would say my best years in samp were definitely 2012-2014, my server boomed and it was very active until I was unable to maintain it and eventually closed it.
Yep, this guy advertised on a few servers. I'm not surprised he's a target.
Nуs podemos oferecer-lhe um servidor dedicado por US $ 99,00, vem com um i7 6700K e 20Gbps Anti-DDoS.
They're back online now, seems like the attention sure turned this around. Still won't forget this though, what they did was not good at all.
Quote: Originally Posted by KyleSmith OVH Dedicated Servers Game Server Protection are better for attacks like this. Yep, this is it. OVH ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Vince Why would you resort to a nulled version? If I see or suspect a nulled version I report it to IPS/IB immediately. No compassion. If you're too cheap to pa...
You are looking at the wrong lineup, VPS SSD only offers Linux while VPS Cloud offers both windows and Linux.
Vocк tem que ter um bom mйtodo para ganhar jogadores sem ele.
Looks neat, I would add some furniture in front of the TV. Just my thought.
Usually players will desync because their ping is too high, the host is having issues, or your script isn't optimized.
Quote: Originally Posted by Meller I met my uh... first girlfriend here on SAMP. It was back in the days when people used to roleplay because it was fun. Not roleplay to win. I was 16 year...