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just give me the part that do what i want
Hello i have a dm minigame on my server if someone start it and an player typed /dm he will join the dm and every thing is fine, my problem is how to do if no one start the dm and an player typed /dm ...
hello how to make just one command for players and admins like if i do /kill i will die but if im admin and i do /kill id i will kill player
What is better i put all my code in just gamemode or should i use filterscripts?
hello how to cheack if someone in my vehicle
hello how to do the box in textdraw transparent like this one
how can i get the X Y Z coordinate from gta signlplayer i need some vehicles coordinate from signlplayer
hello why when i convert object from mta to samp i got a lot of zero!! pawn Код: CreateObject(2920,1544.6999500,-1630.8000500,13.1000000,0.0000000,0.0000000,0.0000000); //object(police_barrier) (...
hello if im closed the samp client after join the sever is thats okay? i can still play or not?
hello i have this command and evrything is fine pawn Код: CMD:get(playerid,params[]){  new pID, Float:pX, Float:pY, Float:pZ, pIDvehicle;  if(!IsPlayerAdmin(playerid)) return MSG(playerid,RED,...
Really good job u helped me alot thank you sir =)
hello im trying to making register and login system with mysql but its not save anythig even if the name registered hes show me the register dialog again!! pawn Код: public OnPlayerConnect(playe...
Quote: Originally Posted by Konstantinos What version of the MySQL plugin do you use? For example, in R34 is: pawn Код: native mysql_connect(const host[], const user[], const database[...
please help i have this pawn Код: mysql_connect("localhost", "root", "", "myserver", MySQL:0, 1);
hello i have this can someone help me?
Quote: Originally Posted by pds2k12 You forgot to set the variable to 1 pawn Код: CMD:freeze(playerid,params[]){  new id;  if(!IsPlayerAdmin(playerid)) return SCM(playerid, RED, "Un...
hello i have this freeze code and its work.. but i want check if hes forzen or not and didnt work ! pawn Код: new IsPlayerForzen[MAX_PLAYERS]; pawn Код: CMD:freeze(playerid,params[]){  ne...