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Not just studies, maybe I just got bored but then again I got myself really busy. Barely checking forums now and also talk sometime over at #sa-mp
get another 4gigs of RAM or if you don't have an extra slot, get 8gigs. should be able to give you ~25-30fps on low/med.
Windows reinstallation is the only possible fix here, you can't do much about it.
Quote: Originally Posted by KevinReinke Hello there, For anyone interested in how this can be done: connection.php: PHP Code: ....  top_kills.php: PHP Code: <?php    ...
I wouldn't mind helping you out, but I'm confused, what do you want to do exactly? Start off by showing your escape sequence code and the issue you're facing.
Install Wamp or XAMPP? You'll get it locally with no hassle.
Quote: Originally Posted by XBrianX It depends on your laptop, i own a Dell Inspiron 1520 and i changed almost everything including the processor and the graphic card. you did what?
I think for me atleast, it has died down for me. I've lost interest in it, the last time I probably played SA-MP was about 2 years ago, and that was my own server. I'm only here, visiting this forum l...
Does setting "multicore" to 0 in "My Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files\SAMP\sa-mp.cfg" fixes the issue? I believe this is possibly a client-side issue. Can you tell more about the behaviour? Is it ...
There are many tutorials on the internet, but I'll recommend one of this article which I think it contains most of the information for a newbie. Before you find anything HTML related, please avoid out...
I've placed the "gta_set.set" file in the attachment, download this and place this into your GTA San Andreas User Files. I had the same problem as you, this .set file has 1366x768 resolution set.
And how does ****** not being here affects the development process? Kalcor (or Kye) is the main guy who does the job.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tuntun Well it doesn't work in SA-MP. Seriously. Learn to use proper titles and description. A keyboard's input issue in SA-MP has nothing to do with a Core ...
I stopped playing games, quite busy with life and all that.
You can't use a semicolon to end the statement which is being continued by braces { } or the statement itself hasn't ended. Semicolons are also not used in pre-processors.
The error one is showing that you already have a global or local variable namely "mapValues", use something else, or alter the original variable "mapValues" to fix the warning. The second error is ...
Quote: Originally Posted by [DOG]irinel1996 Already saw it dude, explain it to me if you got it. Quote: Originally Posted by SA-MP Wiki The difference between this native an...
Using IsPlayerConnected(playerid) with foreach() is far too silly, you don't need to use it with foreach(). Anyway, there could be a dialog ID 0 used in one of the filterscripts or include?