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Quote: Originally Posted by xXmAn40100Xx Thanks, it works! +rep for everybody Also, can it work with a Loop? I mean pawn Код: stock ResetPlayerVariables(playerid){          for...
I will continue to hate IE whether it's been updated, renamed, whatever. I'll stick with my Firefox. :P
So I'm trying to make a simple /factions command which will go through the database and see how many players are in a specific faction. Currently I have this: pawn Код: CMD:factions(playerid, par...
You will have a great time running this setup. As stated above, running dual GPU's will fuck you over in some cases due to some games not supporting SLI, but you'll be fine for the most part as even o...
EDIT: Got it, thanks for the tutorial Vince. You saved me a lot of time and effort.
pawn Код: new query[1024];mysql_format(con, query, sizeof(query),        "UPDATE `players` SET `lastwep0` = '%d', `lastammo0` = '%d', \        `lastwep1` = '%d', `lastammo1` = '%d', `lastw...
I have the following business/item system at the moment: pawn Код: enum E_BUSINESSES{    ID,    Type,    Name[64],        Int,    VW,    Float: IntX,    Float: IntY,    Float: I...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kaliber You need an Enumerator, like this: PHP код: #define P:: e_P_ enum e_Police {     P::model,     Float:P::x,     Float:P::y,   ...
I have the following code - pawn Код: new PoliceCars[][] ={    {598, 613.835, -597.2714, 16.9790, 270.8588, 0, 1, 1},    {598, 613.8523, -601.5485, 16.9765, 270.8588, 0, 1, 1}};stock CreatePo...
Quote: Originally Posted by [ND]xXZeusXx. What makes the difference if i destroy or not tho? (im not taunting or trolling) ill start up with an rpg script soon this year which will have ...
Try setting their Interior and Virtual World to 0.
There's no reason to save files of players that aren't even connected and playing. Simply use a loop, open their file, save their variables, close it, and THEN restart the server. I use a 2 second tim...
Quote: Originally Posted by FahadKing07 How can I apply for it ? You don't apply, just simply login with your forum information.
326 Here you go.
Good release, worth noting would be that it sets everybody to the same team, so if you have any code in your mode that is controlled by players being on a specific team (they're all set to team 1) the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Drebin Quality of german engineering Didn't know this was a Volkswagen commercial!
This is awesome! Glad to see somebody bringing their other skills into GTA. Very cool!
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr.Anonymous Almost 90 percent now, thanks But now, how do it like this: Photoshop work.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr.Anonymous Hmm... that did about half the job. But what I really want is to fit all those in different devices body. What I gathered from your post is that...