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OMG. Finally Linux, Thanks Kalcor for this critical update. EDIT: Why does it takes a bit to connect to the server?
There are too much characters which didn't appear in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Story Mode. Believe me, I completed this game over 8 times. There are some skins from the beta one. And there are so...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kalcor I don't think custom skins are going to play well with the old class selection system. I might fix it before release. A more modern way to do skin select...
Could you please provide the "OnPlayerSpawn" codes?
It's no need already man, It's very simple. Everyone can make it, Anyway, It's useful for the people which are using 0.3.8-RC2 Windows Server for the first time. Great one.
Smelling a VB.NET Here! Anyways, The program is running well on my PC and I am getting the view of the objects and skins but. Some objects and skins I can't see, I just load the TXD, DFF. and still ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Rehasher My suggestion is the ability to add server-side sounds that can be pre-loaded in the - Ability to store the models on a remote server, so there's less...
I still can't understand what do you want, Do you want the car teleport to someone's position? or Do you want a player to teleport a vehicle using its id?
This shouldn't be called as "ANTI-CHEAT", It's just a ban system. Code: // GO IN HELL MOTHERFUCKER ffs
Create a stock to save player statistics, Then refer it to OnGameModeExit, It will be automatically saved if the player connected, You can also make OnGameModeExit refer to OnPlayerDisconnect, There a...
Can't understand anything...
Trying use crashdetect plugin to know the problem.
the free admin server, it were a war, everybody bans and kicks everybody.
So your problem is you can't send an email or cannot set the verification code?
Guys, Read the post again please.
Quote: Originally Posted by Astralis http://www.******* This won't work anymore. I need it to auto convert, I don't want to press Download Button, It...
I am wondering if there's any domain for converting ******* videos to mp3 automatically? eg:*******_link_here.mp3 I've seen such domains several times, Also on of my friend wa...