Search Results I could update the code, but I would have to create a tutorial of my own. and I'm a little busy right now I probably won't get started on to tonight...
Hattext is to long, how are you using hattext?
Quote: Originally Posted by Mohamedilham yes you right how know spwner place You guys said it "spawn", look for that word. Then ****** the function, "SetSpawnInfo" https://sampwiki.blas...
Here is what you asked for:
Quote: Originally Posted by Mzake sorry for being offline... anyway still same and i unloaded Admin system (registeration) i have no anti-cheat and still leaving!!! D: Just to make sure...
PHP код: GetPlayerName(playerid, sendername, sizeof(sendername)); format(string, sizeof(string), "%s",sendername);  Use sizeof();
Could you tell me more about what you want? A timer yes, but where and for what?
SetPlayerDrunkLevel(playerid, -66); LOL please tell me if it works, BTW you probably know the side affects of being are drunk LOL
Quote: Originally Posted by AiRaLoKa i already do it before, read my thread before replying. That code is correct, I copy and paste and tested it. Check pName(playerid);
Syntax error: PHP код: new Float: x,Float: y,Float: z; 
Quote: Originally Posted by ****** Why has this suddenly become a thing? I've seen three topics on this recently, not one of them realising that IPs can change and other people can get yo...
You have limits here they are: Filterscripts (15)
You do need to use my sql_tquery();
Quote: Originally Posted by IceCube! That's true, and most programming sites insist that if you learn something... or have tried something new. You should update the main thread to describ...
Quote: Originally Posted by IceCube! I don't think you saw my point, I don't mean to be rude. I mean a thread describing how a question should be formatted has already been made for this s...
Quote: Originally Posted by IceCube! We do have one of these topics, although you make a valid point. A lot of threads on here don't give clear and concise titles, or give you code. Or th...
I will be fixing the thread right now but due to the fact that I'm using a phone it may take a while,