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For avoiding sql injection you can you htmlspecialchars() and mysql_real_escape_string() - This needs a mysql db connection
I dont know much about macros, but where is the %0?
This board is for discussing about samp scripting and not other languages.
Sorry, didnt know about the cell limit. So if my number is 558752312 will it work?
This is how I fetch the line pawn Код: sscanf(fetchline, "p<|>ds[24]i", var[0], str[0], var[1]); This is the Mysql Log: Код: CMySQLHandler::FetchRow() - Return: 364|DeaL|5587523124 This...
Quote: dcmd is one of the fastest executing "plugin". The fastest one is zcmd, but dcmd is more professiona I actually lol'd at this. (Sorry) But I rofl'd at Quote: N...
Quote: if(Number == OtherNumber) { } The problem is I cant get the 'Number' parameter which is a long integer. I had to pack it to a string, otherwise a long number is reduced to...
I have a long number, 674583948 I tried to use modifiers for variable but failed. When i tried to assign it directly to a variable pawn Код: new var = 674583948; But it displayed some other num...
Quote: Nice job, Could you make it to be able to view cars on the class selection You need to spawn the player without making him select the class (return 0 at OnPlayerRequestClas...
Can I use modifiers for variables like long/unsigned? If yes, how do I do it?
Thank you for the credits. But when using sniper rifle at this range it will be easier to zoom in to the objects. Thats why I didn't make the shooting at this range. Quote: Unusally like ...
The RadarTimer asks for a playerid but you dont send one. Replace Код: SetTimer("RadarTimer", 30000, 0); with Код: SetTimerEx("RadarTimer", 30000, 0,"i", playerid); Also, your timer will call...
Then use the tool for which I've provided the link.
You need to create textdraws for that. Goto wiki: TextDrawCreate For easier method of creation use this tool.
Actually, you are not explaining your problem. You just seem to show us your code which will not help you. But check this... Код: if(GetPVarInt(playerid, "PlayerSkin")) { SetPlayerSki...
Quote: E:\Pawn\P67555\123\bew\filterscripts\sw.pwn(24) : error 017: undefined symbol "SetPlayerAttachedObject" E:\Pawn\P67555\123\bew\filterscripts\sw.pwn(30) : error 017: undefined symbol...
Код: SetTimer("eStrike_AK_Timer", 1000, true); You dont provide any params while you call the function, but you need the playerid in the function - eStrike_AK_Timer(playerid). Try this: Код:...
TogglePlayerControllable(playerid, false); This will freeze the player so that his keys gets disabled. But he can chat. TogglePlayerControllable(playerid, true); This will unfreeze the player so that...
Код: enum CData { Name[24], UdStr[128] }; new CtInfo[MAX_DATA][CData]; This is my enum. I format the strings in the enum to store data using a function. And after my job is done how will I empty...
The image still displays as the ones above. Can you upload it to some other site like photobucket?